ABC Makes Appalling Comments After Nashville Shooting

As soon as the news broke about the shooting, the left mobilized on social media. The children hadn’t been released to their parents, and the left was in full-scale politicization.

Then a very curious detail was released by police, the shooter was a teenage female. A few hours later, police reported that the alleged female shooter was 28 years old. It wasn’t long before we learned that the alleged shooter was a biological female who transitioned to being a male.

Not even 24 hours after the shooting, CNN had below to say.

When in reality, this is what they are posting online…

The media is going to struggle because, according to police, the shooter left a manifesto that will eventually be released.

Additionally, the alleged shooter’s mother is a grassroots Democrat who identified Hale as her daughter – despite Hale using He/Him pronouns – and was an advocate for gun control.

Audrey Hale’s mother, Norma Hale said: “It is very, very difficult right now. I think I lost my daughter today.” Norma was an advocate for gun control. She once posted a petition to make large-capacity gun magazines illegal as a response to the horrors at Sandy Hook.

Then there was ABC News who blamed the children and Christians.

It’s important that any response from the right is peaceful. Repaying violence with violence is unacceptable. There’s nothing the media would like more than to turn this around.


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