The Left Is Not Even Hiding It, Things Unseen Are Now Coming To Light

Look, we aren’t trying to be preachy, nor are we making a religious statement. We are merely reporting about what the very liberal mainstream woman’s magazine Cosmopolitan promoted.

The Enlightenment period was supposed to transcend religion, showing us that we don’t need it anymore. Man attempted to replace God (a higher power if that’s what you believe) with science and reason.

COVID showed us that “science” or “reason” was just another form of organized religion.

Remember the Fauci prayer candles?

There’s even been a mass push on TikTok showing progressives suddenly jumping at becoming Muslim. Progressives slammed Christians for years and sued bakers, but are now jumping into Islam?

Pro-lifers for years have said that abortion is evil, as liberals tell us it’s just a procedure and not a big deal.

Well, Cosmopolitan, which claims to be the “largest young women’s media brand in the world,” is promoting a “satanic abortion” ritual to empower women to get an abortion.

Like we said, the unseen is now coming right out in the open.

No, this isn’t a joke either. A New Mexico-based telehealth practice launched by the Satanic Temple named Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic is making headlines.

Yes, you read that right.

From Cosmopolitan:

Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic. Does it sound like pure clickbait? Sure. But beneath the outlandish branding lies a sincere mission: The New Mexico–based telehealth practice, a legitimate medical entity run by an accredited clinical team, offers abortion care to patients within state lines. The staff prescribes abortion pills (at $91 per set, a competitive price) up until the eleventh week of pregnancy and offers 24/7 phone access to licensed medical personnel to anyone in need. It’s just that they’re also Satanists, members of a religious organization called The Satanic Temple.

Screenshot in case this article gets ghost-edited or deleted.

But Cosmo doesn’t want you to fret, “Satanists don’t actually worship the devil.”

Yes, that’s an actual quote.

He’s “more like a mascot.”

Yes, another actual quote.

The magazine also publishes the ritual instructions (we won’t).

Here’s another quote from the co-founder of the Satanic Temple.

“In 1950, Samuel Alito’s mother did not have options, and look what happened,” said Malcolm Jarry, co-founder of The Satanic Temple, in a statement. “Prior to 1973, doctors who performed abortions could lose their licenses and go to jail. The clinic’s name serves to remind people just how important it is to have the right to control one’s body and the potential ramifications of losing that right.”

Oh and they are just getting started, apparently.

“TST is proud to expand reproductive options for our members. This is just the beginning,” said Erin Helian, executive director of campaigns, in a statement. “We will remain steadfast as we continue the fight to uphold reproductive justice in the United States.”

At some point, we will find out who’s funding this.

Whether you believe in Satan or not, the ritual itself embraces the worst parts of humanity and self-indulgence.

We cannot escape a religion of some sort, but at least now, those are the left are finally coming out into the open and drawing clear lines. It’s up to the person to decide.

The good news is humanism is dead.


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