AOC Is So Mad She’s Seeing Double, When Conservatives Do The One Thing She Can’t Stand

The ruling class doesn’t mind if you hate or love them, but there is one thing they will not tolerate…They can’t stand it when you laugh or mock them.

That’s why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is so angry.

“FYI there’s a fake account on here impersonating me and going viral. The Twitter CEO has engaged it, boosting visibility. It is releasing false policy statements and gaining spread. I am assessing with my team how to move forward. In the meantime, be careful of what you see,” AOC wrote.


The New York Congresswoman is referring to an account that got banned when the communists ran the social media platform called Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Press Release (parody).

To ensure there is no confusion, the account puts the word parody in the user name to avoid confusion.

What has her so mad is that the account says things that are so wild that it almost sounds as crazy as AOC.

For example:

AOC is “assessing” to see how they can get the account banned however it clearly follows Twitter’s terms of service clearly showing they are a parody account.

AOC is now being mocked and it is driving her crazy.

The account probably isn’t going to get banned either because even Elon Musk is interacting with it.

The account also responded to AOC’s complaint by poking fun at her.

Folks, there is one thing the ruling class can’t stand and that’s when you mock them.


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