AOC’s Chilling Statement After Tucker Carlson Was Fired – WATCH

Make no mistake, and the left is the party of censorship.

After the news broke that Fox News was firing Tucker Carlson, conservative commentator Charlie Kirk posted a video from an interview he did with Carlson. The former Fox News host foretold that he knew his days were numbered on cable tv.

“You can’t control all this stuff that’s going on…The powers that be will win. At least in the short term…Are they going to crush me? Oh yeah,” he said. 

The comments were pretty much prophetic when it was announced that Fox News was “parting ways” with the cable tv powerhouse. On the evening of April 24, 2023, Rep. Alexandria Ocacio Cortez posted a chilling video about censorship.

“Deplatforming works and is important,” she said.

When the left takes a victory lap, they show you who they really are.

The smug congresswoman even tried to claim she was partially responsible for Carlson being fired by first posting the announcement and then posting her interview the night before calling for the host to be fired.


It has now been widely reported that Rupert Murdoch himself wanted Tucker gone.

However, they don’t realize that Tucker is more likely to make more money and be more influential than ever.


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