Appeals Court Delivers Biden A Devastating Gut Punch. Joe Is A LOSER!

President Joe Biden may be the most incompetent President in modern history. Usually, when you launch a program/policy/executive order, you have lawyers comb through it and make sure it will hold up in case it is challenged.

Not the Biden administration; they just throw mud up against a wall and hope it sticks.

The federal government has lost its appeal in the 5th Circuit to reinstate the student loan bailout, and this time it wasn’t a partisan judge.

The panel consisted of three judges, one appointed by Trump, another by Bush, and the third appointed by Obama. Their decision was unanimous. So far Joe Biden is a loser in court.

The lawsuit was filed by Job Creator’s Network which vowed to fight Joe Biden all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States.

“The Fifth Circuit correctly rejected the Biden administration’s attempt to reinstate the student loan bailout pending appeal,” Elaine Parker, President of JCN said. “Despite the administration being unlikely to prevail on the merits of this case, it had hoped to allow the program to move forward so that it could get money out the door to debtors and claim victory. The Fifth Circuit’s ruling today prevents this scenario from occurring and preserves the opportunity for real solutions to the underlying student debt problem. JCNF will continue to fight against this unprecedented, illegal executive overreach at the Supreme Court, if necessary.”


You’ll notice that the mainstream media has been really quiet about this. Below is a screenshot from CNN’s home page the day after the ruling.

Below is also a screenshot from MSNBC’s website. They don’t mention it either.

Joe Biden is a miserable failure.


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