CNN Cuts Ties, Massive Scandal Brewing, , MSM Is Freaking Out, Networks Deny Allegations

On November 8, 2023, a report was published that made some serious allegations.

The bombshell report said that photographers from the Associated Press and other outlets were embedded with Hamas attackers on October 7. One of the photos mentioned in the report by Honest Reporting – media watchdog – was CNN freelance photojournalist Hasan Eslaiah being kissed by a top Hamas Operative.

From the Dailywire:

Photos posted by the news agencies of the surprise terrorist attack on Israel include ones showing terrorists breaking the gates to Kibbutz Kfar Aza, where residents were caught completely off guard and dozens were murdered. Photos also show that photographers were on the scene as terrorists took civilians such as Shani Louk hostage, and attacking Israeli tanks on the other side of the Gaza border.

The photos raise serious questions about whether the news agencies had advance knowledge that the terrorist attacks were taking place. The four individuals credited by the Associated Press for images of the attacks — Hassan Eslaiah, Yousef Masoud, Ali Mahmud, and Hatem Ali — are all photographers based in Gaza, where it was revealed in 2021 that the Associated Press shared office space with the terrorist group.

Gil Hoffman, a former political correspondent for the Jerusalem Post for decades, operates Honest Reporting. The watchdog group believes that people “deserve to know” how photographers’ real-time knowledge of the terrorist attacks came to be.

Less than 24 hours after the report was published CNN wrote a statement and cut ties with Eslaiah.

“We are aware of the article and photo concerning Hassan Eslaiah, a freelance photojournalist who has worked with a number of international and Israeli outlets. While we have not at this time found reason to doubt the journalistic accuracy of the work he has done for us, we have decided to suspend all ties with him,” the news outlet said.

CNN has issued a statement on their freelancer who embedded with Hamas during the Oct. 7 massacre of Israeli civilians:

“When international news agencies decide to pay for material that has been captured under such problematic circumstances, their standards may be questioned and their audience deserves to know about it,” the watchdog writes. “And if their people on the ground actively or passively collaborated with Hamas to get the shots, they should be called out to redefine the border between journalism and barbarism.”

Reuters has flat out denied having any prior knowledge of the October 7 attack.

“We are aware of a report by HonestReporting and accusations made against two freelance photographers who contributed to Reuters coverage of the Oct. 7 attack,” Reuters said.”Reuters categorically denies that it had prior knowledge of the attack or that we embedded journalists with Hamas on Oct 7.”

“Reuters acquired photographs from two Gaza-based freelance photographers who were at the border on the morning of Oct. 7, with whom it did not have a prior relationship. The photographs published by Reuters were taken two hours after Hamas fired rockets across southern Israel and more than 45 minutes after Israel said gunmen had crossed the border. Reuters staff journalists were not on the ground at the locations referred to in the HonestReporting article,” the news agency added.

The Associated Press also denied having any knowledge.

“AP had no advance knowledge of the October 7 attack,” said spokesperson Nicole Meyer. “AP’s role is to capture news and images from events happening worldwide, at any point, even if they are terrible and involve victims. AP uses photos from freelancers from all over, including Gaza.”

Folks, the media is scrambling; this report has them freaking out.


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