Prominent Dem In BIG TROUBLE, Runs Home After Buddy Gets Raided Over Funny Money

The FBI made an unexpected visit to the home of Brianna Suggs, a top fundraiser for New York City Mayor Eric Adams, on Thursday. Details of the raid by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Southern District and the FBI have been limited to law enforcement officials.

Suggs had listed her credentials on LinkedIn as the “Fundraiser and Director of Logistics” of Adams’ 2021 mayoral campaign, with records from the campaign showing that Adams 2025 campaign had paid Suggs Solutions LLC $98,286.20.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams had flown to D.C. earlier that day for a meeting regarding asylum seekers but returned to the city shortly after news of the raid broke. His spokesperson released a statement letting the public know, “The mayor returned to New York City to address a matter. These meetings will be rescheduled as soon as possible.”

Adams himself has also released a statement saying that he holds himself to a high standard and demands the same from his team, also promising to comply with any inquiries made.

“I feel extremely comfortable about how I comply with rules and procedures,” Adams said. “I hold myself to a high standard, and I hold my campaign to a high standard, and I hold my staff at City Hall to a high standard. I’m very clear that it is my responsibility to hold myself to a high standard and I will comply with any inquiry that is made and I am demanding that my team do the same.”

The exact reason for the search remains unknown but the neighbors of Suggs seemed to be taken by surprise at the news, people like Marc Leece having said, “She comes from a great background as far as the family. I was shocked to hear it this morning when I heard the news.”

According to the New York Times, the feds are investigating if “a broad public corruption investigation into whether Mayor Eric Adams’s 2021 election campaign conspired with the Turkish government to receive illegal foreign donations.”

The Times noted that “There was no indication that the investigation was targeting the mayor, and he is not accused of wrongdoing. Yet the raid apparently prompted him to abruptly cancel several meetings scheduled for Thursday morning in Washington, D.C., where he planned to speak with White House officials and members of Congress about the migrant crisis.”

Adams has been vocally hammering Joe on illegal immigration and how it is impacting New York City. Then on the day he’s headed to DC to hold meetings discussing the border crisis his top fundraiser gets raided.

What a coincidence.


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