CNN Sends Reporter To Border Shocked To Learn Trump Was Right – WATCH

Recently CNN sent a reporter to the border, and when they got there they were shocked.

The team from CNN went to visit Brian Silvas, who constantly has illegal immigrants walking through his property.

“This country was built on immigration. I’m fine with that,” Silvas said. “But not like this. This is ridiculous.”

He added that “If I had the money, I would build my own wall right here!”

Silvas told CNN he’s seen dozens of illegal immigrants cross his land every day.

“Sometimes there are huge groups of men and women, and I don’t want them through here,” Silvas said.

A few miles down the road, Silvas’s neighbors, Jerry and Maria Shuster, are having the same problems.

“(My trees) are all gone. They chop them up and put them in the fire,” said Jerry Shuster, who alleges one group of migrants broke a wood fence on his property to fuel their fire.

The Shusters have lived in Jacumba Hot Springs for more than 40 years. Jerry emigrated from the former Yugoslavia. Maria is from Mexico.

“The government should do something (to) stop this illegal immigration,” Maria Shuster said. “Stop it because (the migrants aren’t) helping us; they’re destroying us.”

Just recently, the Washington Post reported, “The Biden admin’s strategy to keep asylum seekers from flocking to the United States is not working. Democrats might flinch at the proposition, but the Republican idea that it should be tougher for asylum seekers to enter the US makes some sense.”

The narrative set by the Biden admin isn’t going well.



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