Awkward! Biden’s Moment With Harris Downward Spirals Into A Mind Numbing Moment – VIDEO

At a White House ceremony on Tuesday, Vice President Kamala Harris didn’t have time for Biden’s shenanigans. After 80-year-old President Joe Biden got down on one knee for a photo op with the championship team, she refused to follow suit, saying, “I’m not doing that.”

The four-time NBA champions have won eight championships in eight years, and despite Joe Biden’s enthusiasm and friendly attitude towards them during the ceremony, Harris couldn’t bend the knee. Instead of posing alongside Biden, she took a spot between players Steph Curry and Andre Iguodala.

It’s unclear why Harris chose not to join in on this moment or what her reasoning was behind her decision. But it may be because Joe mispronounced her name despite being his Vice President since taking office.

It was one of the most awkward moments of the Administration.


Keep in mind this is the same team that refused to attend the same ceremony at the White House because Trump was in office.

Another question is, why the heck was Biden kneeling in the first place?

What occurred at the White House is an example of the stupidity of the Biden administration. Two years into your time in office, you don’t enough have enough respect to make sure you can pronounce your VP’s name.

Below is another fine example of Joe Biden.


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