Baby Mama Drama Lands Biden Family In Court

The paternity case involving Hunter Biden and Lunden Alexis Roberts has taken an interesting turn. Roberts has requested that the court change the baby’s last name to Biden for her to benefit from the Biden family name.

Since the case was settled in March 2020, Hunter Biden has filed a motion to have his child support payments adjusted due to “substantial material change” in his “financial circumstances, including but not limited to his income.”

Roberts’ attorney Clinton Lancaster has filed a motion requesting that the court grant the baby the Biden name. In the filing, Lancaster cited the fact that the Biden family is estranged from the child and that the Biden name would benefit her.

In his book “Beautiful Things,” Hunter Biden claims he fought Roberts’ paternity suit because he had no memory of the incident that led to the baby’s conception. The book chronicles Hunter Biden’s struggles with alcohol and drug abuse, which intensified after the death of his brother and his divorce.

The paternity suit originally followed in May 2019, days after Hunter Biden’s marriage to a South African filmmaker, the former Melissa Cohen. A DNA test showed, “with near scientific certainty,” that Biden is the baby’s father, Judge Holly Meyer declared in a January 2020 order.

The other motions in the case involve the discovery process into Hunter Biden’s finances and income. Roberts has requested a list of all of Hunter Biden’s residences for the past ten years, vehicles he’s owned or driven for the last five years, and information related to a federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s “tax affairs.”

Hunter Biden has filed a motion for a protective order to keep certain documents sealed. Roberts’ attorney has requested that the court deny the motion and award Roberts attorney’s fees for having to file the motion due to the violation of the court’s orders.

The Biden family’s baby mama drama isn’t going away anytime soon.

Could you imagine the media’s reaction if this was Donald Trump Jr?


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