Biden Absolutely Crumbles On Stage During Speech – WATCH

On December 14, 2022, President Joe Biden made a speech before African leaders from various countries at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. During the speech, he spoke of the United States’ commitment to work with Africa on issues such as security and prosperity while recognizing that advances in technology and trade have created a new generation of opportunities for Africa.

The President tried to brag but instead, his brain completely fell apart.

Early in his speech, Biden referenced The Prosper Africa Deal Room is a virtual room that was an initiative that was started by former President Donald Trump. When Biden referenced the room he started speaking gibberish.

“Well, I want to thank Secretary Raimondo — she is one of the brightest and best folks I have working with me — and for all of you in this room for making this forum a success, particularly in Prosper Africa deal room,” Biden said. “That sounds like something we shouldn’t be saying.  “Prop-” — you know, “Prosper Africa deal room.”  I kept asking, “Where’s — where’s the deal room?”  I think I’m looking at it.”

The gibberish continued…

Then Biden started to fight the teleprompter and the real fun started.

The official White House transcript posted, “And this will include partnerships between Africa, American comp- — African and American companies to provide cybersecurity services to make sure Africa’s digital environment is reliable and secure.”

But this is how Biden said it.

After that he lost it.


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