Biden Disrespects Marine – WATCH

President Biden completely disrespected a military service member as he was exited Marine One and walked into the White House.

As Joe Biden exited the helicopter, a Marine was saluting him. Biden walked down the stairs, turned to Jill, took her hand and walked across the lawn into the White House.

The Commander in Chief never once looked toward the Marine, nor did he return the salute.

The incident occurred as Joe stared blankly when he was asked about the ongoing document scandal.


Joe also had some awkward moments during an event at the White House.

I think he really got scared for a moment.

It’s ok, Joe there were people in there.

Meanwhile, Senator Mike Lee has reported that Biden is trying to stop the Senate from learning about his doc scandal.

According to Lee, Democrats and Republicans are furious they are being locked out.

Seriously though, what do you expect from a guy that disrespects a Marine.


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