Biden Goes Off Script More Than Once & It’s BAD – Watch

It’s been another couple of crazy days for President Biden…I don’t think you can even call these gaffes anymore, it’s just normal Biden speak.

On Wednesday, he spoke at the League of Conservation Voters’ annual Capital Dinner. What he said there had all the heads shaking, it was one to remember. 

“We have plans to build a railroad from the Pacific all the way across the Indian Ocean,” Biden said to a stunned audience. Then he admitted when he “goes off script,” he gets into trouble. 

On Thursday he flipped out when he was asked about the bribery form referring to him as the “big guy.”

“Why did the Ukraine-FBI informant file refer to you as ‘the Big Guy’?” the reporter asked.

Biden shot back, “Why’d you ask such a dumb question?”

Then Biden’s hosted a screening for the movie, “Flamin’ Hot,” about the guy who claimed to have come up with the idea for Flaming Hot Cheetos. 

All the president had to do was say, “Hi everyone, hope you enjoy the movie.” But he just couldn’t, he had to once again pander to people groups by claiming his own ethnicities. One writer said, “He may be the only Catholic, Jewish, Puerto Rican, truck driver, civil rights activist, street fighter, and full professor that we’ve ever had” as president.

And on Thursday, he just flat-out claimed every ethnicity.

“I want you to know, Jill and I, we see you. We value you. We are indirectly a part of you because of our heritage, as well, in different ethnicities,” Biden claimed. “But when we came, we were not welcome.”

He wasn’t done…“You realize that 26 out of every 100 in grades kindergarten through 12 speak Spanish?” Biden claimed with a Joker-like grin. “No, think about it! What in the hell—heck are we talking about here?”

That’s a totally made-up statistic.

And the final straw had to do with actress Eva Longoria who was there for the screening. 

“We’ve known each other for a long time. She was 17, I was 40,” Biden said as the audience cringed. 

You can decide for yourself about this inappropriate hug…at the 14:34 mark, she has to put his hands in a different place. 



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