Biden Ran Out Of Batteries Watch What Happened After Speech

It appears that Biden got himself so worked up after his anti-Trump speech on the anniversary of January 6 that he caused his batteries to stop working.

Biden actually delivered the 32 minute speech with a single gaffe. However, when it was over his staff made sure First Lady Jill Biden was there to make sure he didn’t look like Mr. Magoo.

The official account sarcatically expressed relief at the sight, stating: “Thank goodness that Jill Biden is there to lead Joe off stage.”

Well, it appears that a 2 week vacation and a 32 minute speech was too much for Joe. When he arrived back in Delaware for the weekend he didn’t seem to have a clue and one of the soldiers guided him.

By the way, kudos to that Marine that stood there like a professional and saluted the President the entire time never breaking his military bearing.

Biden spent his entire speech attacking Trump for “trying to steal history the same way he tried to steal the election.” He also claimed that the results of the 2020 election prove Trump is a “loser.”

“Let’s be clear about the 2020 election. Trump exhausted every legal avenue available to him to overturn the election — every one. But the legal path just took Trump back to the truth that I had won the election and he was a loser,” Biden said.


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