Biden Speaks But Has No Idea Where He Is – WATCH

President Biden went back to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for another speech on Bidenomics, and when he got done, he had some issues.

Since taking office it was the 27th time the President has visited Pennsylvania since taking office but it was another gaffe fest.

“Since I took office, we’ve seen more than $16 billion in new offshore wind investments, including 18 offshore wind vessels, 12 manufacturing facilities, and 13 ports,” the president bragged. “Today, we announced the first-ever offshore wind sale in the Gulf of Mexico. We’re going to the Gulf. You think I’m kidding. Ain’t seen nothing yet.”


There has been speculation that those off shore wind farms are killing whales however NOAA has determined the wind farms (get this) are “likely to adversely affect, but is not likely to jeopardize, the continued existence of any species” of endangered whales, sea turtles, and other animals. Nor is it likely to “destroy or adversely modify any designated critical habitat.”

Biden also seemed to invent a new language.

“While we have more, inflation has slowed every single month in the last 12 — on a yearly basis for the last 12 months. How many times did you read that inflation — that a recession is coming? They even — in the Wall Street — today said they don’t see a recession coming now,” Biden lauded.

But what the transcript showed is not how the words were delivered.

What happened next is now becoming symbolic for the President, he had no idea where or what to do when he finished delivering his remarks. In frustration Joe will throw his hands up.


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