Biden Troll Trips All Over Himself Trying To Explain Biden China Wire

You may remember Washington Post’s Philip Bump who recently stormed out of a podcast when he was challenged with actual facts. The video went viral, and even other MSM reporters admitted it looked really bad for the industry.

Well, Mr. Bump is back trying to once again run cover for Biden and if this is the best they got then oh boy Joe is in trouble.

“Again, a wire was not sent to Joe Biden’s home address, as James Comer just said, because that is not how bank wires work,” Bump wrote.

He’s right it wasn’t, but Joe Biden’s address was listed as the beneficiary address. Bump quickly stopped people from being able to comment on his misinformation.

From Redstate:

What makes it even funnier is he blocked replies because he knew he was going to be lit up for such silliness. If he’s truly confident in what he’s saying, why block the replies? But that didn’t prevent the mocking or the Community Note that came next. There was also a Community Note chastising him, saying Joe’s main home was listed as the beneficiary address, although the Note appears to have gone away since I saw it.

But even if it hadn’t listed Joe’s address, Bump seems to have no curiosity or concern about why such a large sum of money is going to the Biden’s from a Chinese company, just as he had no curiosity or concern about Hunter saying he gave part of his salary to his father or had to pay for everything. Some “journalist.” He doesn’t have any concerns about any possible connection to the Chinese government. He doesn’t wonder how this contradicts what Joe Biden said about Hunter never receiving any Chinese money. This is where the Washington Post has fallen to, now.



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