Far-Left Protestors Give Joe New Nickname & He’s Furious – WATCH

President Biden held a huge event in Virginia attacking Republicans on their stance on abortion.

During the speech Biden was interrupted at least a dozen times by protestors who support Palestine and demand a ceasefire in Israel.

“They feel deeply,” Biden said after some of the initial protesters were ushered out of the auditorium. As the heckling continued from other participants, Biden kept speaking, and warned the audience that the constant interruptions would continue and had clearly been planned.

After a third disruption, Biden said in a resigned tone, “This is gonna go on for a while.

“We’ve got a couple more of these, I think,” he told supporters in the 1,100-seat auditorium.

After being heckled for a sixth time, Biden added, “This is gonna go on for a while — they’ve got this planned.”

But what really got him mad was the new nickname he’s getting from these protestors.

“Genocide Joe.”

Watch the look on his face.

Matter of fact the action taken by the protestors seemed to concerned officials.

What was really interesting was what was picked up on a hot mic following the event.


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