WATCH: Unhinged Biden Boasts Creates Uneasy Panic

During a trip to Colorado, Biden met with workers at a windmill factory and, while he was there, made a really concerning boast.

The visit to the world’s largest windmill factory was full of gaffes and strange boasts as Biden spoke and held a meet and greet.

As the president toured the factory, he met with three yellow-vested workers. Part of the conversation was inaudible however, then Joe seemed to brag he could blow up the world.

Biden retorted: “Now look, my, my marine carries that. It has a code to blow up the world. That doesn’t, this is not….nuclear weapons is it….alright, ok…you think I’m kidding.”

The incident is funny, considering it was the left who to worry about President Trump doing something similar.

During the visit Biden also claimed that former President Trump was “Congressman Trump.”

A few days later Biden was no better during an event at the White House. It was so bad First Lady Jill Biden had to come get him.

He also misspoke during his speech.

Biden must know his approval ratings are in the dump.



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