Biden Speaks Following SCOTUS Ruling On Trump Immunity

On July 1, President Joe Biden made a statement at the White House podium. However, his speech did little to address some of the burning questions about his leadership capabilities. He discussed the Supreme Court’s decision on presidential immunity, which incidentally provided a partial victory for Donald Trump. However, Biden appeared to misinterpret the U.S. Constitution and the ruling.

What seemed to catch everyone’s attention wasn’t the fact that Joe was yelling and barely able to read the teleprompter. It may seem unbelievable, but looking at the video clips from various sources, it appears that Biden had gotten a bit of glow.

After watching a pale lost man debate, he seemed to appear like he was out in the sun for days, and many believe they used bronzer on him to make him look better.


During his speech, Biden stated, “Each of us is equal before the law. No one is above the law — not even the President of the United States.” Although a strong sentiment, it may not be entirely correct. His own Department of Justice recently verified that a sitting president cannot be legally charged. Even former special counsel Robert Hur referenced this in his report regarding allegations of Biden mishandling classified information.

Despite this, Biden confidently pledges to adhere to the boundaries of presidential power. However, he has admittedly defied the Supreme Court in the past, for instance, when he forgave student loans.

Moreover, it appears that Biden did overstep the law by retaining classified documents during his tenure as a senator and vice president. Neither role grants the authority to declassify documents. Hence, his claims of moral superiority seem somewhat disingenuous.

Four short minutes into his speech, without addressing any issues, Biden shuffled out of the room.

Meanwhile, CNN’s Jake Tapper, who no longer appears to be on team Biden, made an astonishing report.

UPDATED: Tapper has since deleted the tweets and now the left is calling for him to be fired.