Fired CNN Host Running For Office As Republican

That’s right a former CNN that was fired from the network during Discovery’s take over is running for office as a Republican.

Former CNN host Brian Stelter is running for office and wants a seat on the Readington township,  New Jersey school board.

David Wildstein of the New Jersey Globe reported that Stelter will run as a Republican candidate.

It’s ironic that Stelter would run as a Republican given that he made a living attacking conservative media outlets.

In August of 2022, CNN host Briant Stelter’s show “Reliable Sources” was cancled and the disgraced host left the network.

At the time the Associated Press called the show canceleling the “first prominent” casualty in CNN’s effort to become less partisan.

From the AP:

“Reliable Sources,” and its host, appear to be the first prominent casualties in CNN’s effort to become less confrontational politically, a priority of Chris Licht, who became the network’s chairman and CEO in the spring, and his boss, David Zaslav, head of the Warner Bros. Discovery parent company.

Licht has made it known internally that he’s not interested in conflict between CNN and Fox News on the network. The CNN “New Day” anchor Brianna Keilar had also attracted attention for detailed critical pieces on Fox, but they have stopped since Licht took over.

Litcht was later forced out after hosting former President Trump for a town hall on the network.

Since Litcht departure the network has abonded their move to the middle and has focused on cutting salaries.


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