CCP To Put Training Facility On USA’s Doorstep

The news of a potential joint training facility between Cuba and China is a cause for concern for the United States. As a nation situated only 100 miles away from the American homeland, any military presence of another country in Cuba would be of great concern for U.S. national security. We are already seeing the repercussions of this potential development, with Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s recent visit to China for talks on the future of the two nations’ relationship.It is clear, however, that the Chinese government is unwavering in their search to expand their influence in the Caribbean, with reports of a Chinese spy base in Cuba emerging only ten days ago, despite initial denial from the Biden administration.

Many critics are pointing the finger at former President Donald Trump, and some, like former Defense Secretary Mark Esper, are not surprised. Trump’s lack of action in this situation has opened the door for the Chinese to further push their agenda in Cuba, an area that is sure to remain of great interest to the United States.

At this point, it is unclear as to what kind of training would take place in the new joint military facility. It is also unclear as to what kind of leadership structure would be established, as the Biden administration has already discussed this potential development with their Beijing and Havana counterparts.

It is also likely that China is using this to their advantage in response to the recent controversial incidents involving the US and China in the air and on the seas. As a result, it is essential to acknowledge that China would view this military base as an attempt to act as a counterweight to the United States’ presence and presence in the Caribbean.

Sure seems like America is headed right back into the Cold War.



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