Dem Congressmen SLIP, Seems To Confirm Allegations Against Biden

Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman, NY tried to get cute during a House hearing in which two whistleblowers were giving testimony,,

Goldman tried to press IRS supervisor Gary Shapley trying to give cover for the President.

“Hunter told his dad, according to (Biden family business associate) Rob Walker, ‘I may be trying to start a company or try to do something with these guys,'” Goldman said. “Now let me ask you something. That doesn’t sound much like Joe Biden was involved in whatever Hunter Biden was doing with the (Chinese oil and natural gas company) CEFC if Hunter Biden is telling him that he’s trying to do business with them, does it?”

Shapley did not disagree with Goldman but pointed out that Hunter told his fathers about business dealings.

“That is true, Hunter Biden does try to do business,” Goldman interrupted. “That’s correct.”


Next up was Rep. Krishnamoorthi downplaying what took place claiming that Joe wasn’t president yet.

The hearing was full of revelations that showed the foreign income stream being received by the Biden’s was around $17 million.

Meanwhile there hasn’t been a peep about the hearings at places like CNN who are only focusing on the letter Trump received from the DOJ.


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