Dem Forced To Resign! Makes Disgusting Comments After Christian School Shooting

For all those “Republicans” in Arizona that couldn’t stomach voting for Kari Lake out of “decency” need to take a good hard look at themselves.

Newly elected Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, Press Secretary, posted a violent trans rights gun meme after the deadly shooting of a Christian school by trans 28-year-old.

Press secretary for Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs of Arizona Josselyn Berry posted a GIF of actor Gena Rowlands in the movie “Gloria” brandishing two guns. “Us when we see transphobes,” the caption read.

There are reports that Berry – who has made her account private – Twitter deleted the post. The Huffington Post reported that neither Hobbs nor Berry’s staff would return their phone calls.

Police have said they will not release the shooter’s manifesto until their investigation is complete. LGBTQ groups are demanding news publications ignore it’s release and are pressuring officials.

“There’s quite a bit of writing to it,” Nashville Police Chief John Drake told reporters. “I have not read the whole entire manifesto. Our team and the FBI have been working on this.”

From Newsweek:

According to Drake, Hale had outlined in the manifesto plans to attack “multiple” locations in the Covenant School, with detailed maps of those locations as well as action plans describing how the killings would be carried out.

“We feel that the students that were targeted were randomly targeted,” Drake told reporters. “There was not any particular student there that she was looking for at the time.”


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