Dems Aren’t Laughing Anymore, Biden In Hot Water

The House Oversight Committee is now faced with a congressional saga over the investigation into Hunter Biden, which Dems played off as a joke but they aren’t laughing anymore.

The controversy surrounded a “sweetheart deal” that US Attorney David Weiss was said to be putting in place in which Hunter Biden would have been able to walk with no charges, despite credible evidence of unpaid taxes, gun violations, and working as an unregistered foreign agent, among other alleged crimes.

Ranking Member Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), a vocal critic of the investigation, mocked the whistleblowers’ allegations at the time and described the investigation as an “Inspector Clouseau-style quest for something that doesn’t exist [that] has turned our committee into a theater of the absurd, an exercise in futility and embarrassment.”

Now, however, it appears that Raskin’s words may have to be taken back. New information reveals that the sweetheart deal was not Weiss’s first choice and that instead it was prompted by the testimony of two IRS agents who accused the Justice Department of hindering the investigation. This prompted Weiss to suddenly demand that Hunter Biden plead guilty to committing a crime.

The plea agreement, however, was quickly thrown out in Court when US District Judge Maryellen Noreika asked a few basic questions. Even the FBI agent assigned to the case testified to Congress, confirming the IRS agents’ testimonies.

Another matter that Dems are no longer laughing about his Biden’s economic message.

Go figure.

The Washington Post recently published a support calling on Biden to “sharpen” his pitch.

Senator Bernie Sanders said on NBC News’s “Meet the Press” that Biden’s slogan “Fishis the Job” falls short.

From the Washington Post:

Some liberals are warning with greater urgency that Biden must do more than just tout his record and warn about another Trump presidency to keep his party’s left flank energized. If Biden fails to more clearly lay out an ambitious liberal agenda for a second term, they say, the progressive voters he needs in 2024 may opt to stay home.

Think about this from the Democrat’s prospective, Trump has been indicted four times and the polls claim the race is still tight.


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