Dems Have A Creepy Fascination With New MTG Videos

Democrats are weird, recently, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green posted a series of videos and they were fascinated with them.

Recently MTG posted several videos of her working out and it sent the left in a tizzy.

Let’s be honest. The only thing Nancy Pelosi lifts is a glass of wine.

Yes, she was attacked for working out.


The left was so enamored with Greene’s video that recently fired from CNN, Chris Cillzilla wrote an entire post about “investigating” her pull-ups.

It’s pretty apparent Cillizza meets the stereotype of a soy boy, which he didn’t use to be. Years ago, when he was at the Washington Post, he was pretty great, but the years at CNN – prob no thanks to a guy like Jefferybator Toobin – have turned him into…well…this…

“I can’t get beyond is the swaying, pull-up-y thing she is doing,” he wrote.

By the way, he admits his own fascination with her.

“I will simply say I started this Substack so I COULD look into weird stuff like this when the mood struck me. So there,” the fired CNN writer said.

The controversy surrounded the pull-up Greene posted in the first video. Cillizza must have thought it was fake but learned the type of pull-up is called kipping. The style is a technique that should only be done once a person has mastered a traditional pull-up or you are cruising for an injury.

Cillizza should just admit he liked watching MTG workout.


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