DeSantis Uncovers Dem Conspiracy: Suspended Woke Prosecutor Text Messages Land Him In Even More Trouble

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently suspended Soros-backed prosecutor Andrew Warren for neglect of duty in early August of 2022.

DeSantis suspended the woke prosecutor because he refused to uphold the Florida Board of Medicine law to ban doctors from providing puberty blockers to minors and his refusal to comply with the state’s abortion law.

“We have seen across this country individual prosecutors who take it upon themselves to determine which laws they like and will enforce and which laws they don’t like and then don’t enforce,” DeSantis said.

Warren, State Attorney for Hillsborough County, has been temporarily replaced by Judge Susan Lopez. “I have the utmost respect for our state laws and I understand the important role that the State Attorney plays in ensuring the safety of our community and the enforcement of our laws,” Lopez said.

When the suspension took place Warren was forced to hand over his state-owned phone and what the county judge found on the phone will probably result in Warren’s dismal (at the very least).

Lopez’s staff is now receiving messages from Florida Democrat operatives that are intended for Warren. Journalists covering Florida politics have alledged that Warren may have misused state resources for campaigning.

Alledged Democrat operative Kobie Chrisitan sent an email to Warren on his state phone showing that he was colluding with the DNC to stop DeSantis’s re-election bid.

“Good afternoon State Attorney Warren, Travis and I attended the briefing you gave on Wednesday; thank you for updating us! We’re currently planning a series of post-primary press conference around the state, attacking Ron DeSantis on Various issues,” the email explained. The email went into detail on the issues they will use to attack DeSantis.

Warren’s phone also got a text message from another Democrat operative looking to meet up.

Warren has vowed to fight DeSantis over his suspension, but now that it’s been alledged he’s been using his state phone for personal/political use that might change.



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