Disney Blindsided Again! They Got A Whole New Problem They Never Saw Coming

Disney has a whole new problem on their hands, and they never saw it coming.

The company relocated many employees from California to Orlando, Florida, during the pandemic due to coronavirus restrictions. However, since the move, the company has been hit financially because of its woke agenda.

Disney’s stock price is down by half from March 2021, they’re firing 7,000 employees, and Iger announced in November 2022 that they might kill the Orlando build for financial and business reasons.

They have a new problem. The employees they relocated are refusing to leave and have no plans to move unless they are forced.

The narrative is that Disney is fine and Florida is going to fall apart without them. In reality, Disney is joined at the hip with Florida (whether they like it or not) and now their employees want to stay despite left groups claiming the state is dangerous.

The numbers are in, and Disney lost $120 billion in 2022.

Reports show that The Walt Disney Company lost $123 billion in market value in just the past year as its stock price closed the year down 44%. Down Jones Market Research shows 2022 to be The Mouse House’s worst year in its history since 1974, when the stock dropped a whopping 54%.

On top of that, the happiest place on earth can’t even seem to keep its parks safe. Over the past few years, brawls have broken out and gone viral on social media.

On May 15, 2023, another brawl went viral at Walt Disney World that was so violent blood had to be cleaned off the pavement.

From DisneyFanatic.com:

People were shocked at the disgraceful behavior exhibited by one party. Not much information was known at the time of the fight, but we now know it was all because one family asked another to move so they could take a photo. One member of the family that was asked to move got very upset and began throwing punches. Then other members of his party became involved. Equally as disturbing was the fact that one woman in the attacking party was holding a toddler while another young boy watched from the side.

It has been a few days since the fight happened, and we are learning more about the consequences for the party who instigated the fight. According to the Orange County Sheriff’s office, two people were issued trespass notices from Disney. That means they are not allowed to return to the property. We do not know how long that bans are in place, but due to the extreme violence they exhibited, it is most likely a lifetime ban.



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