Disney Employee Arrest Leads To A Shocking Confession Over What He Did Inside The Park

Jorge Diaz Vega, 26, was reportedly arrested on March 31, after a sickening event that took play at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios.

Vega was working at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities a merchandise boutique located in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

According to reports, a security guard spotted Vega recording an “upskirt” video of an 18-year-old woman while he was working. Another worker reported Vega and security officers later told the woman that someone had been caught taking a picture of her under her dress.

Vega was cooperative with police and, during questioning and made a shocking admittance; he’s done it over 500 times.

From USA Today:

A former Walt Disney World employee is facing a charge that he surreptitiously took a video up the skirt of a female customer, allegedly telling investigators he had done it more than 500 times over the past six years.

Detectives said that Vega volunteered during questioning that he takes the videos as a “guilty pleasure” and showed them multiple examples on his cellphone.

Walt Disney World did confirm with a local news outlet that Vega no longer works for the company.

According to reports, he’s worked for the company for six years and had over 500 videos, and nobody realized it until now?

Meanwhile, an activist area of the woke left-wing company is about to see some serious cuts. Some of the most far-left content has come from the entertainment division.

The company is facing a major shortfall, and to get it on track, 15% of the division is about to be laid off, which includes the TV and movie divisions. Reinstated Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger also uses the move to restructure how content is released.

Iger said he would return after the company after it posted a $1.47 billion quarterly loss.

Go woke, go broke.


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