Shockwaves Rip Through Biden Campaign, He Has Donor Issues!

You know this has the Biden campaign in a panic, they just lost a major donor and it could have huge implications in a blueish/purple state.

Democratic donor and humanitarian Amed Khan is “done with President Joe Biden.”

That’s not a quote from Fox News or Breitbart, that’s a direct quote from Politico.

Khan has donated and been part of groups aiding humanitarian groups in Ukraine and Rwanda and is furious over Biden’s blanket support of Israel.

“This is bullshit,” Khan said in a call with Politico’s West Wing Playbook. “You make moral compromises being involved in politics and ethical shortcuts, but this is just a bridge too far.”

Politico wrote:

Khan has decided to quit the Biden Victory Fund National Finance Committee over the president’s handling of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Khan won’t show up for next week’s winter donor retreat in Washington, D.C., nor will he attend holiday receptions at the White House and the vice president’s residence.

The report also added that Hala Hijazi, another Democratic donor is also considering leaving the Biden finance network for the same reasons.

“I feel betrayed,” she said.

Is this going to pull the financial carpet out from under the Biden campaign? No.

It may be worse than that.

Michigan has a huge Muslim voting block and they are going to be needed to win the state in 2024.

As conservative commentators pointed out, they aren’t going to vote for Trump but they may stay home.

Those sediments were reflected by Khan during his interview.

“‘But Trump’ isn’t the answer,” said Khan. “What does that even mean? He would be worse? How? There would be 8,002 children dead right now instead of 8,001? I don’t get it.”

“I’m without a home at this point politically,” he said.



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