Trump & Biden In Same Place, What They Are Doing Tells A Bigger Story

Both President Joe Biden and former President Trump will be in New York City on the same day; however, their actions tell a bigger story.

Biden is looking to raise some big money and is pulling out all the stops reuniting with former President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton in New York City. The Hill also reports that a “bevy of celebrities” are also expected to attend the event.

From The Hill:

The star-studded night comes as the Biden campaign looks to bring in a massive haul before the close of the quarter to further cement his lead over former President Trump in the cash race. It also serves as a preview of the kinds of names Biden will rely on to help generate enthusiasm among Democratic voters in November’s election.

The event is expected to draw more than 5,000 supporters and raise more than $25 million, the campaign said.

Meanwhile, former President Trump is headed to Long Island to attend the wake of fallen New York City Police Department officer Jonathan Diller who was gunned down while on the job.

Trump was invited to attend the wake and his campaign said the former President is “moved by the invitation to join.”

During the press briefing at the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre did read a prepared statement; however, the officer’s name wasn’t mentioned.

So, on the one hand, you have Biden hanging out with former presidents and celebrities looking for money. Then you have former President Trump visiting an average cop who lost his life on the job.



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