Fani Probs Get Worse, Zippergate Appears To Be Real

The left is mad and Fulton County DA Fani Willis’ testimony is probably going to be a discussion at lawsuits and bar trainings for a long time.

Fani Willis’s testimony during a Fulton County hearing was absolutely disastrous. It was so bad Steven Colbert was furious with her.

“Here’s the thing: Yes, Donald Trump and his associates are on trial in this, one of the most important cases in the history of our republic,” he said. “So, and I’ve just got one follow-up question here: Given that if you’re removed from the prosecution, it could delay this trial until after the election, how good was the sex? Good enough to risk democracy over? Because I’ve never had sex that good. You know what really feels good? Donald Trump going to prison.”

“That, my friends, is what they call the real happy ending,” Colbert said.

Only CNN tried to pick up the pieces.

Yeah she’s a real winner…

Folks, we aren’t cherry picking to pick on her. Here’s a link to the hearing watch it for 20 minutes it was as good as anything on TV.

What also seems to be emerging is what’s now being called online, zippergate.

Several people on social media believe that Fani put her dress on backward.

So you can click here to see the dress and not that the zipper is indeed in the back if this is the correct dress.

Below are a couple of pics.


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