Fauci Just Had His Jump The Shark Moment Embarrasses Himself Over Masks

Dr. Fauci was on the rebound after CNN host Michael Smerconish pressed him on mask mandates and COVID restrictions over the past few years.

The following week, Fauci popped up on ABC’s “This Week” and he beclowned himself.

Anchor Jon Karl said, “There’s a new study out that suggests that masks were actually not effective, at least not in a global sense, in containing the pandemic. What is your sense looking back at all of this? Did masks prove to be less effective than you anticipated?”

 “You know, Jon, some of the studies are confusing,” Fauci said. “The study that has been quoted a lot and causing a lot of confusion is this Cochrane Study which even the people who run the Cochrane Study say that that study can be misleading because people have commented on that study saying absolutely masks don’t work, which is absolutely not the case because there are a number of studies that show that masks actually do work.”

“There’s a lot of confusion when you take a broad series of studies, and you look at them in a meta-analysis. Only a couple of those studies have been specifically looking at COVID. You have to be careful that that study can be very, very misleading. It’s a lot of good data that masks work,” he added.

Karl said, “You’ve also said we’re not going to go back to the time of the federal mask mandates. That’s the thing of the past.

Fauci said, “I don’t see that in the future at all. I can see that if we get a significant uptick in cases that, you may see the recommendation that masks be used under certain circumstances and indoor, crowded settings, but I don’t see them, certainly not federal mandates.”

The guy is so desperate to be part of the news cycle and he clearly jumped on with ABC News after his disaster interview with Smerconish.


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