Fani Willis Hit With Avalanche, County Officials Give Her Some Bad News

A series of allegations and court filings have put Fulton County Prosecutor Fani Willis, who has an active RICO case against former President Trump, under the microscope.

Initially, one of Trump’s co-defendants dropped the bombshell about Willis having an inappropriate relationship with one of her special prosecutors and allegations that she is personally benefited based on what she paid him.

We previously reported that one big problem is that DA Willis broke the rules in the appointment of a Special Prosecutor to benefit Wade. The filing claims that Willis did not correctly represent how she would use Fulton County funds to eliminate the backlog of legal cases pending from the pandemic.

The other big problem is that DA Willis was benefiting from the funds given to the Special Prosecutor who has received “almost $1,000,000 in legal fees” from the county. According to allegations, some of those funds paid for extravagant vacations for the two.

Well, it just got more interesting.

Willis’s alleged lover, Nathan Wade’s soon-to-be ex-wife, isn’t messing around.

NBC News got a hold of a court filing from attorneys representing Nathan Wade’s estranged wife, Joynclyn Wade. That filing showed credit card statements from Nathan Wade purchasing plane tickets for himself and Willis to San Francisco and Miami.

The allegations have prompted Fulton County Board of Commissioners member Bob Ellis to initiate an investigation.

“Under no circumstances should an elected official contract with or hire someone who they are in a romantic relationship with,” Commissioner Bob Ellis said in a statement, according to NBC News, adding that even in the absence of a relationship, “accepting favors and extravagant gifts from such contractors should also be considered improper.”

Ellis also wrote a letter to Willis:

As the Chair of the Fulton County Audit Committee, I must reasonably inquire about allegations contained in a recent court filing asserting that you misused County funds and accepted valuable gifts and personal benefits from a contractor/recipient of County funds.

These allegations involve your decision to appoint Nathan Wade to serve as a special prosecutor in the matter in which former President Trump is a co-defendant. Mr. Wade is alleged to (1) lack relevant prosecutorial experience in a case of this type and complexity, (2) have paid for your portion of multiple instances of joint leisure travel, and (3) be in a romantic relationship with you that was not disclosed to the court or to the parties in the case.

Separate from any potential inquiry by the State of Georgia, this situation requires confirmation of whether County funds provided for the operation of your office and its prosecutorial function were used in an appropriate manner, and whether any payments of County funds to Mr. Wade were converted to your personal gain in the form of subsidized travel or other gifts.

Willis has until February 2 to get Ellis the records he requested.

Additionally, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee has scheduled a hearing on February 15 to address the allegations.


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