Fury Erupts Over What A High School Just Did With COVID Relief Money

The Biden Administration’s American Rescue Plan was supposed to help offset some of the damage done by lockdowns. However, that did not happen at a New Hampshire High School.

It has been reported that Manchester West High School is planning on using $4,000 left over from its COVID money to fund Pride events for June and some of the money will also help them afford to hire drag queens.

“As a district, we support and care for all our students as they learn and grow. Events such as this are consistent with the goals of our community-developed strategic plan and in line with District policies,” Superintendent Jennifer Gillis said in her statement. “It’s important to note that West High School has been hosting a Pride event since 2018, and the agenda for this event is similar to other years.”

“Is this really the best use of taxpayer funds?” New Hampshire Department of Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut, a Republican, said.

According to Newsweek, the city is kicking in an additional $2,000 to help fund the event.

From Newsweek:

The Manchester high school’s application requested $4,000 in funds from the city and proposed $2,000 in matching funds. The funding from the city’s American Rescue Plan dollars is being used for such items as photo booth film, decorations, food chafers, Pride decorations and, perhaps most controversially, $500 for drag performers.

Gillis said that the event is not mandatory and will occur after school.
“As with other years, this is an after-school, extra-curricular, opt-in event. In prior years, it’s been well-attended, including students, families and members of the West Side community,” Gillis said. “This year, the group organizing the event applied for and received a Community Event and Activation Grant from American Rescue Plan Act funds through the city of Manchester. Although this is a school event, the district and partner organizations are working to help support the school as needed.”
America is facing record inflation partially because of the free money handed out during the pandemic. Teachers’ Unions wishlist of funds during the pandemic to open schools but now we see how they’ve spent the money.
There were reports that local New Hampshire schools 2021 purchased upgrades to their ventilation systems using federal funds and local taxpayer money. However, any money left over should go back into the pot to ease taxpayers’ burden.


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