Glenn Beck Makes A Shocking 2024 Prediction, Is He Right?

Holy cow, right out of the gate, radio host and conservative commentator Glenn Beck has made a heck of a 2024 prediction.

To be clear, Beck has made predictions in the past that haven’t quite panned out but, he’s going on the record.

Beck believes that former President Donald Trump is going to continue to grow in popularity, and as the year goes on, Biden is going to sink lower and lower in the polls. The conservative radio host added that he believes Democrat superdelegates are going to move and get rid of Joe Biden. Remember, in the democratic party, it’s the super delegates who get a lot of say in picking their candidate.

Beck believes that the superdelegates would pick Michele Obama.

Would Michelle jump into the race? Who knows. But there is one thing that Democrats do not want to do…Lose another election to Donald Trump.

Even if Trump is convicted in one of his cases (which is highly likely in the DC case), there are just so many variables, and Democrats know that.

Meanwhile, former President Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr has opened his mouth again and wrote a piece for the “Free Press.”

“I am firmly opposed to Trump’s candidacy. While I think it is critical the Biden administration be beaten at the polls, Trump is not the answer. He is not capable of winning the decisive victory Republicans need to advance conservative principles. And his truculent, petty, and toxic persona—unconstrained by any need to face the voters again—will damage the country,” he wrote.

“But I also believe that the efforts to knock him off the ballot are legally untenable, politically counterproductive, and, most ominously, destructive of our political order. The Supreme Court needs to act swiftly to strike down these foolish decisions,” he added.

What happens next is anyone guess but 2024 is going to be interesting to say the least.


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