GOP Find Scandal Is Much Bigger Than They Thought

We previously reported that the Air Force has been leaking confidential records to Democrat firms to take down Republican candidates.

During the midterms, Republican candidate Jennifer-Ruth Green’s military records were leaked, revealing that an Iraqi soldier sexually assaulted her.

The records were illegally obtained and then handed to the media to hurt her chance.

When Green’s and two other congressmen up for re-election records went public the Air Force initiated an investigation. The preliminary results of the investigation found that there were ten other instances.

That’s now changed it was a whole lot more, but it all points back to the same place.

According to a follow-up Politco report the total list of victims has not been completed. The Democrat-aligned organization “Due Diligence Group” made several more inquiries than just 10 outside of the Air Force.

From Politico:

A Democratic-aligned firm made a failed attempt to obtain personal information from the Army National Guard on at least one House Republican candidate, according to a document obtained by POLITICO.

It’s the same firm that the Air Force has identified as securing the unauthorized release of multiple House GOP candidates’ records last year.

Abraham Payton of the research firm Due Diligence Group attempted in August to obtain the personnel records of Colin Schmitt — a GOP member of the New York state assembly — from the Army National Guard, according to a copy of the request form that Payton filed. Schmitt, who’s still an active National Guard sergeant, lost by less than 1.5 percentage points to Rep. Pat Ryan (D-N.Y.) in their November battle for New York’s 18th District.

The new report opens up a whole new can of worms now that Republicans have learned the Democrat group was going after national Guard records.

It has also been learned that the group was able to obtain the social security numbers of three candidates and used them to get a copy of their records. The scheme is something you would expect from a scammer but this time it was funded by the DCCC.

In late February 2023, Politico reported on the initial findings of two Republican lawmakers:

Two Republican lawmakers say the Air Force alerted them that their military records were improperly released during the midterm campaign.

Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.) was informed of the “unauthorized release” in a letter from the Air Force obtained by POLITICO. Rep. Zach Nunn (R-Iowa) said in a statement that he was told by the Air Force that his own records were also disclosed without his approval.

Bacon said Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall first told him that an internal probe revealed 11 people’s records were disclosed and that the Air Force would send the results of its inquiry to the Justice Department — while offering no further information on whether a formal DOJ investigation would result. The GOP lawmaker called for a probe of the role played by a Democratic-linked firm that the Air Force told him “inappropriately requested” his personnel records.

The DOJ declined to comment. Air Force spokesperson Ann Stefanek said “virtually all” of the 11 unapproved releases were made to the same third party “who represented himself as a background investigator seeking service records for employment purposes.”

Bacon was right, “this was more than just a dirty trick.”


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