Guess Who Was A College Pro-Palestinian Ring Leader: Report

According to a report one of the leaders inside the University of Washington’s Gaza camp has been identified and he is not a student.

According to journalist Katie Daviscourt, former Seattle Times columnist and currents columnist with the Mukilteo Beacon, Aziz Junejo has been discovered to be one of the ring leaders.

From the Post-Millennial:

Junejo has been in charge of directing black bloc Antifa militants and other activists to defend the camp using military-style tactics. He also relays information to the activists about any potential “threats” to the camp, such as the presence of Jews and Christians.

On Sunday, The Post Millennial captured Junejo on video holding a meeting with a large group of anti-Israel activists inside the camp near the west barricade on the Quad.

He used a megaphone to inform them about a pro-Israel march approaching the camp and instructed his activists to “hold the line.”

Earlier in the day, protestors had fortified the camp with barricades made of wooden pallets, roofing metal, poultry wire fencing, and other objects to prevent the pro-Israel march, hosted by Christian pastor Russell Johnson of Pursuit Church NW, from passing through it.


The University did supply metal barriers and additional police to matain a presence to keep both groups separate.

During the counter-protest, black bloc Antifa members surrounded the encampment taking positions behind the barriers. The group was seen carrying improvised shields and weapons flashing umbrellas to keep from being identified.

Junejo was one of the many outside activists that took up resident inside the University’s encampment.


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