Harris County DA Gives Statement On High Profile Case

As reports around the country have shown the issue surrounding the border is taking front and center.

Two individuals who were in the United States illegally were recently implicated in the murder of a 12-year-old girl in Houston, Texas. The alleged offenders, Johan Jose Martinez-Rangel, 21, and Franklin Jose Peña Ramos, 26, are both Venezuelan nationals who arrived in the United States illegally this year. They stand accused of luring the young girl, identified as Jocelyn Nungaray, into a secluded area and then, in a horrifying sequence of events, assaulted her for two hours before ending her life.

Harris County (which upholds sanctuary policies) District Attorney Kim Ogg tried to pass the buck, claiming the incident took place due to a “broken system” as a contributing factor that facilitated this violent crime. She said, “They should have never been released when they arrived in El Paso, but we have a broken system, and Jocelyn’s death resulted. And it’s just hard when you know something could have been prevented like a child’s death.”

One of the suspects, Peña Ramos, was apprehended by Border Patrol agents upon entering the country illegally, then subsequently released from custody, a decision that has been brought under scrutiny following this crime.

This alarming incident has intensified worries about the vetting of migrants and initiated discussions about the current administration’s border policies. Ogg continued to say that the issue isn’t new, and Texans have been cognizant of the flawed immigration system for years. What’s changed now, she believes, is the diversity of immigrants’ countries of origin, which she thinks is elevating the risk to the local populace.

So now that all eyes are on the area she wants to claim no responsiblity.

In response to this tragedy, there have been demands for stronger border control and heightened accountability. However, it’s not just federal policies being examined. Crime within the county has become an escalating issue for both local and state officials. Texas state Rep. Briscoe Cain said, “Harris County has become a sanctuary for criminals, and the blame rests not only on the federal administration but also on the DA’s office.”