Fauci Sits Down For Hearings Before Subcommittee

Dr. Anthony Fauci returned to Congress and made some incredible admissions now almost four years after the pandemic.

Fauci, 83, told the House Select Subcommittee that the social distancing recommendation was “likely not based on scientific data.”

During his second day of testimony, Fauci added that the lab leak theory was “not a conspiracy theory.”

If you remember, it was Fauci’s friends and former co-workers who led the effort to call lab leak people conspiracy theorists.

It almost seemed that Fauci knew he was on the record and wanted to make sure history remembered him well. he told Congress that he supported then-president Trump’s order to restrict incoming travelers from China. However, in 2020, Fauci publicly criticized the move.

So far, these are the only snippets of the two days of testimony that we have available because the Congressional committee released them. The testimony from the two days of closed-door hearings will be made available to the public once lawyers have combed through the transcript to ensure no restricted information is found.

According to the information released by the committee, Dr. Fauci “advised American universities to impose vaccine mandates on their students.”

Below are a series of takeaways released by the House Select Subcommittee:


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