WATCH: Trump Doesn’t Miss A Beat One Liner Humiliates Heckler

Former President Donald Trump didn’t miss a beat while giving a speech during an Iowa event.

In preparation for the caucuses, the former President was traveling across the state and held a speaking event in Indianola, Iowa. While he was giving his remarks, a woman tried to interrupt Trump by claiming that he’s taken “billions,” only to be drowned out by the audience.

“Thank you,” a smirking Trump said. That’s alright… go home to mommy, your mommy is waiting.”

It was classic Trump.

But he wasn’t the only candidate to face hecklers, Bibek Ramaswamy did as well.

Protestors at his event changed “Vivek is a liar” and “the talent is on fire” as they walked around the room.

“The planet is not on fire,” an undeterred Ramaswamy responded.

Elsewhere in the state Ron DeSantis was also trolled by a man claiming the Governor of Ron DeSantis should be given a participation trophy.

A far-left protestor also interrupted a Texas Governor Greg Abbott appearance in Lucas, Texas. Like just about every politician except “the squad” Abbott has called out Hamas as a terrorist organization. During his remarks, a protester started yelling that the IDF were bad as well, and all heck broke loose.

It did not go well for the protestor, who was physically tossed out of the room.

Conservatives need to be wary of these hecklers and make sure they conduct themselves in a professional manner. There are Democrat prosecutors who would love to criminally charge a Trump supporter or the Trump campaign for inciting violence. Don’t think for a second that one of these hecklers will not try such a thing. Conservatives need to be peaceful and smart when they deal with agitators.


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