Even Dems Are Aghast At What Biden Just Did

So the wizards of smart at the Biden campaign have decided that they want to give a prominent Democrat more influence.

Yup, they are bringing in Hillary Clinton.

Not only did I snicker when I found out so are Democrats, and they aren’t happy.

It was NBC News that broke the story noted that Hillary is a great tool to bring out the base and lock in support.

From NBC News:

In those moments, in an interview on “The View” and in social media posts, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee is stepping into a role as one of the most prominent and influential surrogates in Biden’s re-election effort. As a former secretary of state, she has the bona fides to provide Biden with a measure of political cover amid a war in the Middle East that has split the Democratic Party.

Clinton is popular with women and key parts of the Democratic base and remains a fundraising draw who can help ensure Biden has the money to get his message out.

Clinton’s role is only expected to grow in the new year, but for now, she is filling a space that at a later point in the campaign season former President Barack Obama will join. Obama’s habit is to plunge in closer to Election Day — a reality that rankles some Democratic strategists who say the party sorely needs him right now.

Even the left can’t believe what Biden is doing.

Ex-MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan joked, “Ah yes, when you’re a Democrat struggling to beat Donald Trump, you call for help from… *checks notes*… the last Democrat to lose to Donald Trump.”



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