Hunter Biden May End Up Savior In Gun Rights Expansion, Now This Is Some Serious Irony

Many of you are familiar with the 2018 Hunter Biden gun purchasing case that took place when the president’s son was regularly abusing crack cocaine.

The case involved the Secret Service and is a big mess considering there is a federal law that bans drug users from owning firearms.

However, that law is now in question thanks to a 2022 Supreme Court decision.

Now Huner Biden’s lawyers have threatened the Justice Department that should Hunter be charged they are going to challenge the law under the 2nd Amendment.

From Politico:

His lawyers have already told Justice Department officials that, if their client is charged with the gun crime, they will challenge the law under the Second Amendment, according to a person familiar with the private discussions granted anonymity because they are not authorized to speak publicly. That could turn a case that is already fraught with political consequences into a high-profile showdown over the right to bear arms.

This puts Biden in a catch-22 as he attempts to tighten gun laws.

Matter of fact, multiple court cases across the country have challenged the drug-user prohibition law and it could help Hunter out.

Five cases in local federal jurisdictions have ruled against the constitutionality of the law.

The irony of this situation is hilarious.

Here you have Biden banning everything he can and trying to jail gun owners and then his son’s defense team could totally upend his efforts.

President Trump’s appointee, David Weiss, US Attorney for Delaware is presiding over the investigation into the purchase of the firearm and possible tax crimes. Garland claims that he is staying out of it and the Weiss is “capable of making any decisions that he feels are appropriate.”

We shouldn’t hold our breath on what Weiss will do but could you imagine if Hunter Biden becomes a champion of gun rights just so he can stay out of jail?


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