If Everything Biden Touches Crumbles His Latest Claim Should Have Us Petrified

Where should we start?

Perhaps the most clearest example was Afghanistan.

President Biden was asked before the mass withdrawal if we were going to see images like what occurred in Saigon, and he said absolutely not.

The President claims inflation is getting better, yet it has increased since when he took office.

The list goes on and it seems everything Biden touches turns into a mess; Maui and East Palestine come to mind.

As many of you know Biden has been on a tour – when not on a vacation marathon – promoting Bidenomics hoping it would show just how great his policies are for the country.

Biden and his team were hoping the push would raise his terrible approval ratings and they confident good economic numbers are just around the corner.

“Well, we have to keep telling them about what we’re doing,” said Cedric Richmond, Biden’s campaign co-chair. “But I think that how you ask the question, the question you ask, you’re going to get very different answers. But when you hear so many people say that they’re satisfied with their income right now, that they’re very satisfied with their job, we think that’s very telling. When you throw the word, just economy in a broad sense, you get a different response.”

Richmond was responding to a poll showing that only 37% of Americans approve of the job he is doing and 61% disapprove with his handling of the economy.

“They’ll talk about age, and we’re gonna talk about the fact that we brought insulin down to $35 a month so that our seniors don’t have to choose between medicine and rent or utilities,” said Richmond. “While they continue to talk about age, we’ll continue to talk about the fact that they’re not talking about banning assault weapons, while they’re banning books, but they’re not protecting our children in schools.”

That dog about insulin doesn’t hunt.

Biden eliminated Trump’s order to lower insulin prices then months later reimposed the policy under a different name and took credit for it.

But perception is reality.

One of my kids showed me this trend on Tik Tok and it’s a growing group of Zoomers who believe that we are living on wages lower than most people had during the great depression.

Now their numbers for inflation adjustments are way off. The average salary during the Great Depression adjusted for inflation in 2023 would be a little over $24,000 a year. There is also a little bit of irony of Zoomers complaining about money using a phone that costs over $1,000 but that’s for another day. The point is you have Zer’s, many who are about to vote for the first time in their lives seriously unhappy with the Biden administration.

Now does that mean they’ll vote for Trump? Probably not, but they may not vote for Joe Biden either.

Folks, if Biden believes that the economy is going to get better then…oh boy, that makes me nervous.

Washington Examiner


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