In A Stunning Display Of Bigotry Celebrity Chef Refuses To Serve Pro-Lifers

The Family Foundation of Virginia is the largest and oldest pro-family activist group in Virginia, and they were denied service by Metzger’s Bar and Butchery. The business is co-owned by Top Chef star Brittanny Anderson who reportedly made the call to terminate the reservations.

The pro-life advocacy had planned a private event at the restaurant reserving a private room. An hour and a half before the event was to be held the owners called the group and refused to serve them.

People have left reviews but the owner is claiming they are “fake.”

On Facebook they proudly announced their decision:

Victoria Cobb, a member of the group, wrote about it in The Federalist:

Their official explanation was that our pro-life and pro-traditional-marriage positions violated the “basic human rights” of women and LGBT individuals. What human right is more basic than the right to life? What family structure is more foundational than marriage between a man and a woman, the bedrock of Western civilization for thousands of years? Lest we forget, it wasn’t so long ago that, when running for president, Barack Obama declared that “marriage is between a man and a woman.”

This is the gospel of woke — the new intolerant religion controlling the left. Anyone who refuses to bow before their altar must be subdued, discriminated against, and punished. It’s a godless religion without mercy and without hope.

Welcome to the 2020s, where people who consider themselves to be progressives, claim to preach “tolerance” while demanding forced “acceptance” and “celebration.” True tolerance includes a tacit admission that there is something about a person or a group with which you disagree, but that you tolerate for the sake of co-existing peacefully in a civil society.

Keep in mind that on the same day it was reported the group was denied service a web developer was before the Supreme Court because she refused to design a website for an LGBTQ+ couple because it violated her values.

So it’s ok for a business to deny service to a pro-life advocacy group but you better make our website or else.



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