Self Described ‘Raging Feminist’ Melts After What Her Boyfriend Did

Before we go any further, this is an extreme example, but it gets to a principle.

An online influencer who goes by the name “Nia Chi” called herself a raging feminist who was looking at getting her tubes tied when she was in her 20s. Chi wanted to be a careerist who wanted to climb the corporate ladder.

That is until she met her boyfriend, who lavished her and, because of his income, could afford to keep her home. Chi is known as a stay-at-home girlfriend (SAHG) who does the homemaking.

“You’re poor because you’re a feminist,” she said in one of her TikTok videos. “I’d rather be dripping in diamonds than women’s rights.”

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“People used to ask me, ‘What’s your dream job?’ I never knew the answer. I realized it’s because I don’t dream of labor. I dream of… being a hot housewife,” she said in another video on TikTok.

“A stay-at-home girlfriend (SAHG) is exactly what it sounds like. It’s housewife status without the ring,” Nia, who is 22-years-old, told Fox News Digital. “I just stay at home, my boyfriend works. I take care of the house. I consider myself a homemaker as well as a SAHG. And, then, eventually, when we get married and have kids, I’d be a housewife and a stay-at-home mom.”

It appears that Nia’s boyfriend has done very well for himself however there’s a principle here.

He is meeting Nia’s needs and is making her feel valued, that’s the principle.

“You need to look after yourself first, no matter how much you trust your significant other. However, this lifestyle is fabulous for me. I love embracing traditional values. I have something to fall back on. I have a degree. I have financial freedom that I’ll fall back on. I’m elated that other women are pursuing a soft life, and that men are becoming providers again to make sure that both parties are secure,” she said.

“I never wanted kids until I started dating my boyfriend. I wanted to get my tubes tied. I was a very feminist career woman. ‘I don’t want no man, I don’t need no kids.’ All of that,” she said.

Now, she’s singing a different tune.

“I love just the idea of having a family,” she said. “[My boyfriend is] a very masculine person and I’m a very feminine person. [We] just fit together so incredibly well. So I guess that would be the time when I felt [the feminism] leave my body.”

Imagine that you treat a woman right, and the feminists melt away.


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