Rumor About What Biden Does At Night In White House Rips Through DC

Recently a high profile interview was done by Tucker Carlson and it has ripped through Washington DC.

Commentator Alex Jones was interviewed by former Fox News host Tucker Carlson and he made a of controversial statement.

Jones said in the interview that Biden, “wanders around for the entire two and a half years, it’s getting worse, naked in the White House, in the middle of the night, doesn’t know who he is.”

Carlson also agreed, “He is on drugs. I have established that. I know someone who witnessed it. I’m not guessing at this. I know someone personally who witnessed him taking amphetamines.”

In 2018, Jones was permanently banned from X (Twitter at the time) after violating the platform’s policy. However, after the interview, Elon Musk said that he is considering bringing back Jones.

What Biden does after dark isn’t the only thing Tucker and Jones talked about.



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