How Pitiful Is CNN, Watch What Reporter Said To Kamala

Look, if this was said by an internet influencer who got to interview Vice President Kamala Harris or a podcaster or something, it’s one thing.

But that is not what happened.

What occurred was exactly what the last ousted CEO worried about after Discovery took over.

What CNN’s Laura Coates said during an interview with Kamala Harris is just mind-blowing. What took place was blatant too, she could have said it in private and editors could have cut the statement.

But they didn’t.

So what did she say?

Coates told Vice President Harris, “I’m struck just in your presence, the, I was watching you on stage, watching the reactions from the crowd, looking you in the eye and the passion you were displaying and talking about so many issues, and yet, you hear candidates suggesting that a vote for President Biden because of his age is somehow a vote for you, and that is hurled as an insult. It’s intended to demonstrate some negative viewpoint towards you. What is your reaction to this that with your background in particular, with your career, that there is some thought you are incapable?”

First off, can we just, for a moment, have some professionalism?

Or how about a question about the border since she is the border Czar?

It’s no wonder why CNN is being beaten in the ratings by an obscure cable network that plays old Western TV shows and films.

So next time you see Jake Tapper ranting about something, remember more people are watching Bonanza reruns.


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