James Comey Gets Hilariously Heckled During Event To Honor Him – WATCH

Former FBI Director James Comey recently attended an event to honor his new book, but it didn’t go the way he hoped.

He was ruthlessly mocked during the event hosted by Austin Central Public Library during a question and answer session.

Owen Shroyer from InfoWars made sure Comey will never forget him.

Shroyer shouted, “The deep state hero, James Comey! The Democrat hero, James Comey! He did it! He illegally investigated Donald Trump! Thank you, Comey for weaponizing the FBI against Donald Trump!”

Adding: “Thank you for covering up Hillary Clinton’s crimes to set the stage to cover up the Biden crimes, too.”

Then the leftists started getting upset but Shroyer continued waving his arms for the audience to clap.

“C’mon y’all! Let’s hear it for James Comey! C’mon we love the FBI, we love the federal government! What, you guys,” Shroyer mocked. “What? You don’t love the FBI? You guys don’t appreciate James Comey weaponizing the government against Donald Trump?”

Then the crowd started to boo however, Shroyer kept going…

“C’mon James, you should be happy! Donald Trump is the bad guy. We should be happy Comey weaponized the government against Trump.”

Shroyer was then approached by a law enforcement officer and he took his seat all the while stating, “What the heck? I don’t understand, he’s a hero. Oh man, I’m so excited. I don’t know why these people aren’t just as excited as me, I’m sorry for my excitement on this.”

Once Shroyer took his seat and settled down the officer was seen giving him a two thumbs up seemingly thanking him for being quiet and taking a seat.

Shroyer has been charged and arrested for entering the Capitol on January 6, the case is still pending. Despite this Shroyer doesn’t appear to be backing down.


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