Biden Announces New Worker Heat Regulations

President Joe Biden on Tuesday announced the first-ever federal rule to protect workers from extreme heat, amid a sweltering summer that many “scientists” expect to be one of the hottest ever recorded.

The added regulations, which cover an estimated 35 million workers, won’t be final until at least 2026. Biden used the rule to hammer home the climate and pro-labor agenda to pander to what little of the base still supports him.

“Extreme weather events drive home a point I’ve been saying for so long: Ignoring climate change is deadly, dangerous and irresponsible,” Biden said in the District of Columbia’s Emergency Operations Center, with a map of heat across the United States behind him.

The proposal marks a milestone for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which for decades ignored calls to implement heat safety regulations as high temperatures killed an estimated 815 workers between 1992 and 2017 and seriously injured some 70,000 more, according to federal estimates.

In the power grab announcement, Biden called some Americans who don’t agree with him “really, really, stupid.”


Some are saying climate change has turbocharged extreme heat, with temperature records already being smashed this summer in New England, leading to a spike in emergency room visits and killing a construction worker who collapsed on the job in Rhode Island last week.

But the regulation faces an uncertain future. Trump has pledged to roll back portions of Biden’s climate change agenda while casting doubt on the scientific consensus that burning fossil fuels is driving up global temperatures. That could leave the heat rules in the hands of voters in the November election.

At some point during the event, Biden did a meet and greet, and it got weird.

Like…really, really, weird.

He must want the black vote really bad.

In response to the new regulations and RNC official attacked the administration.

“If Joe Biden cared about the environment, he would stop jetting his wife across the country and lighting money on fire to bolster his flailing campaign that has him losing in his own internal polls,” Republican National Committee Chair Michael Whatley said.