Jill Biden Is At It Again, Watch What She Does to Joe, It Explains Everything

At least it wasn’t the Easter Bunny this time.

First Lady Jill Biden is clearly making it known that she is the top dog. While Biden is speaking with reporters outside, she walks up grabs him and moves him away from the press.

Conservative commentator Benny Johnson posted the video, and critics quickly pointed out the video was old. However, they fail to realize that the age of the video doesn’t matter it’s all about how Jill treats Joe.

Below is another example from April 2022…

During the same event Jill treated him like a trained animal…

Joe complained about it before starting to mumble like a madman.

“They’re not going to let me read at all,” Joe whined.

Perhaps the most egregious moment was when Joe started wandering off and muttering like a madman about Afghanistan. It was so bad that a White House press staffer dressed in an Easter Bunny costume rushed in and got Joe out of there.

There are two angles that captured the moment, the first you can’t hear what Joe is saying.

Another camera captured what Joe was saying and it explains why the staffer rushed in, the man sounded completely out of it.

Below is another video of the First Lady pulling Joe away from the press:


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